Alison gets dominated

alison dominated

Some of our girls have to be ‘warmed up’ with a bit of anticipation before we really get down to making them suffer. When we prep them, we leave them somewhere exposed, naked, and just wondering what they’re in for this time. We start with something mild as well when they are in their quiet spot, so they aren’t completely unrestrained. It builds up the anticipation so much more when they start out slow and get to feel the worry creep up on them, it builds the humiliation and suffering when they know they could be there…well, as long as we want.

Nick Gun saw Alison Star and immediately knew what he wanted to do to make her wait. He tied up her big, luscious breasts; ball gagged her, and then tossed her in the basement so she could stew until he was ready for her. By the time he came down for her, she was practically begging to service him, just so she knew the scene was starting. That was a nice warmup, but Nick had other plans. She gets tied in all sorts of awkward positions while he uses the wand, the clips and the pins all over her body, all while intermittently fucking her sweet body. It’s a releif for Alison when he finally cums all over her though, because she knows the anticipation is finally over.

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Holly in Severe Breast Bondage

breast bondage

Many of our masochistic sluts underestimate the power of simple rope. They are used to beatings, whippings, humiliation, and all kinds of pussy and tit torture, so they think that rope will be easy. We so adore when we get to prove them wrong, because some of the harshest pain they can go through is when we put them into our rope and let them figure out exactly how harsh it can be.

Newbie Holly Michaels is not inexperienced, but she’s never been in a scene where bondage is the primary way she’s going to suffer. Luck for her James is willing to go ‘easy’ on the new girl. Of course, easy for James is intense torture for positions for others. She gets suspended in an aerial hogtie that James loves, gets stretched up with arms and legs in the air, gets her breasts tied and pinched, and then spend some time across the mule with her legs spread, and her hands covered in clothespins. Only when James has his fun fucking her mouth and cumming on her face is she released from this ‘easy’ scene.

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Soundless Torture


Some of the submissive girls we get aren’t looking to get out their screaming, and their yelling, and their whimpering. They don’t want to struggle or fight against their masters, they just want to be used. They want to be as much a toy as a flogger, rope, or a cane, something that gets used for the pleasure of others without any kind of protest or objection. They become hot little sex and pain dolls, because they want you to use and abuse every inch of their bodies, and you will never hear a complaint from them as you take what you want.

Laura Green is one of the hottest girls we’ve had a chance to put our hands on, and that she wanted to be humiliated as a living sex doll just is that much more hot. Master Zenza just adores girls like this, especially ones that can take pain, suffering and the hardest fucking without any kind of protest. Laura wanted to go away and become a fuck toy, and that’s just what Zenza gave her as he used her mouth, her ass, and her pussy again and again until he was done with her and blew all over her pretty little face. Through it all she didn’t make one sound of protest, and barely any sound at all, just how we like our sex dolls.

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Tightly Bound and Clamped

nipple clamps

Every sadist needs to learn from someone. Sure, you can go far when you just get off from pain, and have a creative mindset, but eventually a good sadist goes out looking for someone where they can truly learn the tools and tricks of the trade, so to speak. When that happens they often find that they can do so much more with the most simple tools, especially when their teacher has a particularly reactive submissive painslut at his disposal.

This particular sadist-in-training brought along his favorite painslut so he could spend a little time learning from someone more experienced then he. Our man showed him some more ideas with the simplest of tools, binder clamps, rubber bands, and a few scissors had her begging and moaning for mercy, at least when her mouth wasn’t tortured with a spare band. The little touches show off experience, and the marks all over her body and her wet pussy show his experience as a sadist.

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Domestic Slave Training

pinned breasts - domestic slave

Well-trained sluts are oh-so-hard to find. It takes so much time to get them to behave properly, and show proper worship and service that you pretty much have to train them yourself. Of course, it would be so much easier to find them pre-trained, but it is just the dominant’s lot; you are going to have to spend so much time getting them working the way you want. Of course, if they are smart they will catch on quickly enough, but if not, it takes a firm hand with proper punishments to get them on the right track.

This particular submissive slut is going through her service training, and she needs to show all the skills that make her a valuable little sub for her master. She does show proper respect, and so enjoys the show worship and licking that he cannot really find fault with her for that, but when she goes for her service training, she just can’t keep the utensils available for him, despite all his forgiving her mistakes. He just has to punish her for her failure to perform, and with perky tits like hers, they are just begging for clothespins and bamboo caning to get the point. She whimpers and begs, but you can be sure she won’t make the same mistake twice.

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Strict Rope Breast Bondage

strict rope breast bondage

We understand that even our submissive sluts have lives outside of our control, but when they are here, they are all ours. We love taking the girls that think they are going to give us orders, and then twist their instructions and push them in ways they had no idea they could even go. They may have their limits, but there are so many things that we can do that make them suffer, beg, plead and cry in pain without getting anywhere near their limits.

The Pope is our go to man when we have to work within a girl’s limits, and Penny Barber, model that she is, is very careful about marks. That’s a challenge accepted by Pope, and with his rope skills and his expert control of floggers and canes, he soon has Penny begging and pleading for mercy. Pope is not the most merciful guy though, and isn’t done until he gets Penny bound up in a very tight position and applies the vibe to her clit until she can’t help but cum, despite the position.

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Clamped and Twisted

clamped and twisted

We just love abusing a submissive slut’s tits. No matter what you do to them it seems like they never get any less sensitive, so as long as you give your painslut a break, you can go back and torture them in an even worse fashion next time! This particularly sweet blindfolded painslut made such lovely whimpering sounds whenever her nipples were twisted, pulled or stretched out, that it seemed like such a waste to do anything else to her. Her tits were a fantastic shape for some extra vicious play, and her reactions made it a treat to go back again and again.

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Breast Needle Piercing

breast needles

Are you someone who loves to make a woman scream in both pain and pleasure? One of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body would be the nipples on her breasts. Imagine putting some really tight metallic clamp on them just to get her to feel the domineering pain and pleasure from such an act? If so, you should probably check out Pervert Desires, a place where pleasure and agony are synonyms.

But they don’t stop with just the nipple clamps. Imagine a woman saying no more, only to get really long needles slowly put through those nipples? Hearing her scream and flinch with her eyes close can get anybody hot. What some would want as illegal, others provide on this hardcore website for those who are tired of just the usual boring in-out sex.

They even blindfold the women in order to get them to feel the pain even more. Sensory deprivation heightens both positive and negative feelings one experiences, so all this nipple torture can really make a girl feel like she’s experiencing the best and worst feelings of her life all at once!

If this seems like a site that you can handle, go ahead and check out Pervert Desires today. Their focus on all sorts of BDSM torture is second to none!

Amateur BDSM Tit Torture

tit torture

Most people look at those BDSM videos and think that it can’t be real, that it’s only the professionals that can take that kind of punishment, and that kind of abuse. The truth is that no matter what the professionals might do, there are always intense, harsh, perfected and twisted lovers of BDSM that are doing more intense things in their own private homes. They only sometimes like to show off their work, but when they do you can see what it means to really have a harsh master or mistress.

This particularly twisted little master has his painslut strapped up and read for his disposal. In particular he adores abusing her huge, tasty breasts, and making those nipples hard from intense pain. She has to get ready for him though, because as much as he loves tormenting her breasts, he also just adores abusing that tight pussy of hers. He works her over with his flogger while he clamps her tits harder and harder, and decorates her with more clothespins then you can count, and that’s even before he really gets going on her slutty body. She moans and cries in pain, but the entire time her pussy just ends up more and more wet.

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