Whip Torture

whip torture

Nothing pleases me then seeing one of my painsluts splayed out, displayed for me, begging whimpering and wet between strokes of my lashes. It is such a contrast to the way they behave the rest of the time, so many of these women are so strong every day, but they crave to feel the burn of pain across their nipples or across their cunt as the lashes dig into their flesh. They try to act elegant, and refined, outside the dungeon, but as soon as little bit of rope goes around their flesh they are reduced to the mewling, needful wenches they want to be.

Most of the time I enjoy ending my night after a party by dragging my date down to one of my private rooms where I can show them who is the one in control. This time it was particularly satisfying to come back from a formal party, tie this slut to my spreader chair, and give her cunt a nice thorough whipping. You’d almost think she wasn’t begging for it earlier the way she cried and whimpered each time the lash landed against her flesh and left a mark behind. Luckily, I do know better, especially when I find the wetness she leaves behind on my lashes every time they lick between her legs.

See her entire whipping HERE

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